Sonoma Family Dentistry believes the key to good oral health is prevention and we are dedicated to educating our patients about ways to stop problems before they ever arise.

Although it may sound a bit dramatic, a visit to the dentist may just save your life. The mouth is the gateway to the body and beyond its digestive duties, it also lets others know what you are thinking and feeling even before you open it to speak.

Did you know...

The mouth, besides being linked to our self-expression, is also directly linked to our self-esteem, confidence and our quality of life?

Many nutritional deficiencies, and certain diseases have oral symptoms which when detected early – such as during a routine annual cleaning – can play a dynamic role in the overall health and well being of a patient?

Studies show a correlation between gum health and heart disease,pneumonia, ulcers and mortality rate in general?

Pregnant women with gum disease are seven and a half times more likely to deliver babies prematurely and are at greater risk for having low birth weight babies?

The simple act of flossing daily can add five years to your life expectancy?

Dentistry today boasts advances in the accessibility and delivery of care and the advances in science and research assures everyone access to not only a brilliant esteem-building smile, but the promise of overall good health.

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