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Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you. If you’ve had an experience at Sonoma Family Dentistry that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us.


Went to Dena Marcus’ office recently for an appointment with Dr. Claire Tyler. Was a straightforward procedure but required a couple anesthetic shots. This was the first time I’ve never actually felt any pain with shots whatsoever or the other work that was done. She was so pleasant and the made sure you stayed relaxed. Was definitely the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Tyler and her assistant we’re amazing and will be going back if I ever need anything else done!

My 4-year-old had never been to the dentist. I noticed a hole in her tooth. I was grateful that Dr. Marcus was able to get her in right away and fix her tooth. I was even able to stay in the room with her. With the laughing gas on, she didn’t even notice when she was given a shot. I was amazed how quickly Dr. Marcus and her staff worked to make my daughters’ tooth better while keeping the appointment fun. I know my daughter won’t be afraid of the dentist. It’s great to be able to bring my whole family to the same office.
– Estella (Sonoma)

I’ve had a lot of dental care through the years. I think it’s great to have a young, knowledgeable dentist. Having Dr. Marcus explain all the options and technological advances available really allowed me to make the best decision for my mouth.
– Cheryl (Sonoma)

I had a shooting pain every time I bit down. Dr. Marcus saw that I had worn down my dentures and that was causing the terrible jaw pain I was experiencing. She made me a new set of dentures. Now not only is the pain gone, but my son’s friend said I have such a pretty smile. I had to do a double take; I couldn’t believe he was talking to me. I never in my life heard that before.
– Mary (Glen Ellen)

I hadn’t been to a dentist in 10 years out of fear. My front teeth were loose and hurt. Dr. Marcus explained my condition and the treatment necessary. The staff really kept me entertained. The computerized injection made me feel so comfortable. Now the infection in my gums is cleared up, I don’t get nauseous anymore. Even my headaches are gone and I feel healthier. I’m really motivated to come back and follow though with treatment so I can keep my teeth rather then just having them pulled out when they hurt.
– Vince (Sonoma)

I’d heard such horror stories about root canals, I was afraid when I heard I needed one. Dr. Marcus was so gentle I actually fell asleep. I couldn’t believe I slept through a root canal! I won’t wait that long for treatment anymore.
– John (Sonoma)

I had two teeth that needed to be pulled and I waited three years because I was so afraid. Dr. Marcus suggested Nitrous (laughing gas). I was so relaxed and she talked me through the whole procedure. It was so painless and healed very quickly. I felt silly for waiting.
– Laurie (Petaluma)

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